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Housing & Catering
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What began as a small service group in 1987 has become a leading, competent and reliable facility management, accommodation and catering partner for the industry. Spread over the kingdom and Qatar, the Housing and Catering division operates 22 camps of various categories and standards, hosting people from around the globe. More than 20,000 individuals of different nationalities are being catered to with three meals daily.

AYTB’s Housing & Catering division‘s (H&C) strengths are in offering tailored solutions to their partners and the ability to manage the logistic challenges of serving remote locations in a huge country like Saudi Arabia. But above all, it is their most valuable asset, that contributes to the success of the division, it is their team working in harmony.

The H&C division is organized in to offer :
  1. General construction camp management for labors and seniors
  2. Camp management for Oil & Gas sites.
  3. General facilities management
  4. Catering (operated or delivered)
The services offered include:
  1. Catering / Raw Materials Supply (Food Handlers)
  2. Accommodation
  3. Housekeeping / Janitorial/Cleaning / Landscaping Maintenance
  4. Building Maintenance / Facilities Management / Camp Management
  5. Laundry
  6. Mobile Kitchen Services
  7. Banquet / Food Delivery
  8. Pest control / Sewage and Garbage Removal
Facility Management
H&C operates currently 16 camps in the Eastern Province, some of which are owned by AYTB. Additional five camps are located in the Western Region and one in Qatar. Together they have the capacity to accommodate more than 25,000 people. Whether the asset represents a camp, residential building for professionals or a hotel, H&C offers a range of services covering complete asset management, maintenance and housekeeping. Their ultimate aim is to preserve the value of the asset in a very economical way.
Catering Services
A catering services provider encounters many challenges, such as organizational (logistic), of a qualitative and quantitative nature. H&C strives towards identifying, addressing and dealing with all challenges to the satisfaction of its clients. More than 60,000 meals are being served daily; of which; 25,000 in Jubail, which is the location of the central H&C warehouse and kitchen. All employees involved with the catering group are HACCP certified.
Accommodation Services
H&C offers accommodation for 11,500 people out of which 4600 are AYTB’s personnel. All are hosted in 14 locations of various categories in the Eastern Province. Additional 12,000 are being accommodated in Shaybah in 3 camps, and 5 hosting 4,000 men in the Western Region. Our industrial partner relies heavily on AYTB’s services, allowing them to focus on their respective core businesses.
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