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The Industrial Services division provides industrial services and catalyst handling to the Saudi hydrocarbon processing industry, desalination and power plants as well as to steel mills and aluminum smelters. By making use of semi and full automated cleaning, “Sate of the Art” catalyst handling equipment in combination with our experienced and well trained technicians AYTB is able to offer the following activities:

  • High pressure water jetting
  • Cold cutting
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Bundle (heat exchanger) pulling and pushing
  • Vacuum cleaning and waste transport
  • Catalyst handling
  • Tank cleaning
HP Jetting
High pressure water jetting The pool of hydro jetting equipment being utilized, covers pressure ranges from 500 Bar (7,000 psi) up to 2,500 Bar (40 000 psi). Using the latest available technology on the market we ensure a safe, viable and efficient execution. Depending upon accessibility, the automated systems clean safely between 100 and 800 tubes per hour. Our capability to deliver to your satisfaction is second to none in the industry.

Heat exchangers, surface preparation, pipe and tank cleaning are typical applications. AYTB is a market leader in KSA when it comes to hydro jetting automation. Our automated Internal and external bundles cleaners can clean up to 800 tubes per hour. This makes AYTB a valuable partner in shutdowns, turnarounds and emergency projects. Automated equipment reduces manpower requirements from 10% - 50% depending on the system being used. Furthermore it increases productivity, offers consistence and maximum cleaning result. AYTB is able to reduce your unit down time and increase the run time.

Our automated equipment consist of various units raging from internal tube cleaners, outside tube cleaners, shell cleaners and 3 dimensional nozzles for towers and columns.

Safety First: Where possible AYTB is making use of semi and or automated cleaning equipment, our technicians are at all time out off the line of fire.
Chemical Cleaning
AYTB is offering a wide range of chemical cleaning services like: Commissioning, pre-commissioning, maintenance of units and systems. We handle anything from simple small parts to the full insides of tanks, vessels, columns and or pipelines. Acid cleaning water side and alkaline cleaning fume side of steam generators; Cleaning fume side of refinery furnaces also with on-stream system; Acid cleaning of process equipment (exchangers, columns, receivers, vessel etc. both on water side and process side; Internal cleaning with organic solvents of various equipment; Chemical cleaning and degassing of tanks containing chemical products and Hydrocarbons; Degreasing and pickling of lines and equipment. Our qualified technicians will ensure a safe and effective project execution from planning to box up. Required hardware i.e. flanges, spool pieces and piping are manufactured at our engineering supported fabrication shops. The fabrication shops hold ASME code stamps and are being regularly audited.
Vacuum Cleaning
Our continuous addition of vacuum trucks and super suckers to our fleet provides our clients with secured and available resources 24/7 all year round. Using proven technology emphasizes strongly our dedication to our environment as well as practicality and safety. Our super suckers are ADR approved and undergo regular TUV inspection.

Our fleet consists of stainless steel as well as carbon steel trucks and tankers with capacities ranging from 10,000 liter to 32,000 liter. Our drivers undergo strict training routines and are TUV certified vacuum operators.
Catalyst Handling
Catalyst handling is critical in terms of safety, quality and efficiency. AYTB has the competent team as well as the State of the Art equipment available to serve the demanding petrochemical market. We are able to offer the following catalyst handling services in a One Stop Shop concept:
  • Mechanical services like: Blinding, opening, closing and de-blinding
  • Catalyst unloading by gravity, vacuum (using N2 recirculation) and or wet dumping together with on site or off site screening
  • Repairing, installing and removing internal parts within reactors and vessels (lining, grids, trays, plates, etc.)
  • Video inspection and reactor data management
  • Catalyst dense / sock loading services, Densicat, Calydens and Unidense
  • Reactor neutralization and high pressure cleaning
  • Filling of catalysts into drums or containers in the respect all legal requisites for their transportation
  • Logistics and transport services
With our in-house trained catalyst technicians in combination with our specialized equipment we can handle every type of catalyst handling projects. We reach the highest standards towards safety, quality and efficiency. Our advanced loading methods ensure a perfect catalyst bed density, a better control of catalyst bed profile during the loading process this to support our customers in their goals to reduce down-time and increase run-time of their process units.
Tank Cleaning / Maintenance
AYTB the # one specialized tank cleaning company in the Kingdom. Regardless of the utilization of the tanks we clean various product types. i.e. crude oil, fuel oil, slop oil, hazardous chemicals, wastewater, asphalt, and other products. Whether it’s routine maintenance to remove solids and sludge, decontamination measures, tank renovation, or the demolition and decommissioning of a tank, trained personnel and will perform the storage tank cleaning. Our well experienced and confined space entry trained tank cleaning specialists are wearing protective chemical clothing and independent breathing apparatus. Where possible we avoid entry and make use3D tank cleaning technology. In case needed we will make tank entry using our cold cutting technology.
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