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Operation & Maintenance
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Since its inception in 1979, AYTB has rapidly developed its capabilities to become a leading operations & maintenance (O&M) services provider in the field of mechanical, electrical & instrumentation to the petrochemical, oil & gas/ refineries, fertilizer plants and steel industries. Based on its excellent safety performance, highest level of quality standards and proven ability to deliver in a timely manner. AYTB has been the long-term partner of choice for the majority of its Clients.
Base-Load / Long-Term Maintenance Services
Strong team of highly skilled maintenance technicians supported by experienced project managers, engineers, planners, and safety personnel, and also including but not limited to provision for tools, mobile equipment and sub-contract management support. Optimum mix of technicians, supervision and management at each project is tailor-made and carefully developed to suit specific needs of individual client in order to efficiently manage their preventive, predictive and break-down maintenance programs. r />
In case of plant emergency shutdowns and break-down situations, AYTB has proven ability to mobilize skilled resources, tools and equipment at a short notice, to assist its clients in restoring normal operations within the shortest possible time.

AYTB also offers pre-commissioning; commissioning and start-up assistance services to its clients helping them expedite taking-over of new plants at the end of construction cycles and putting them under normal operations and maintenance.
Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds
AYTB takes pro-active approach in identifying various shutdown and turnaround schedules of its clients well in advance. AYTB further develops its internal yearly shutdown plans based on the manpower loading, mobilization / demobilization schedules, equipment, tools, site facilities etc., and accordingly makes confirmed commitments to its clients typically on "first come-first-served" basis. Under its manpower resources group (MRG) AYTB maintains a large pool of skilled crafts and supervision experienced & trained in shutdown and turnaround works. Additionally, AYTB has the capability to manage large number of sub-contractors under its overall responsibility.
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