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AYTB was established in 1979. Since then we grew sustainably at a very healthy pace adding services to fulfill market requirements and optimizing the value chain. The fully integrated services offered, cover operation and maintenance, fabrication, construction, shutdown/turnaround, industrial cleaning, project management and accommodation and catering services.

The market we serve is diverse. The hydrocarbon processing sector (refineries, petrochemical, etc.), the fertilizer, steel and aluminum industries and desalination and power plants are important segments for us.

More than 250 successfully completed assignments in many plants and in varying degrees of complexity and duration, provide strong evidence to AYTB’s success and good reputation in the industries served.

Further important element of AYTB’s success is our ability to support awarded projects with the right planning and monitoring tools and necessary resources (experienced manpower and state-of-the-art equipment). All projects have senior management attention. They are timely executed and on budget without compromising safety, health, quality, and environmental considerations
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