Training and Development
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Training and Development
T&D promotes a learning culture within AYTB by providing in-house training programs to polish and upgrade employees’ skills and competencies. Saudi nationals are given priority to facilitate progressive growth of the Saudi workforce.
  • Enhance the AYTB staff skills & support IDP.
  • Support Saudization & Succession Plans.
  • Help achieving AYTB’s business goals.
  • Facilitate the overall organizational change management.
Training & Career Development Program
Center for Excellence was established with an aim to support employees to sustain, polish and upgrade their skills within the overall framework and aspirations of the company. Priority is given to Saudi Nationals in our effort to train and develop Saudi young men.
Training Calendar
A yearly training calendar has been developed for all employees throughout the organization. The calendar has five programs: one is related to SHE, the second offers technical courses and the third is focused on improving soft skills. These programs are complemented by specialized programs for more senior positions as well as by a number of computer based remote learning programs.
Training Calendar 2017
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