Posted At 2022-12-21 10:03:16

Safety Supervisor

Job Description:

Safety Supervisor to help company to mitigate and minimize the risk of job-related incident/accidents, monitor operations to eliminate hazardous activities, implement company policies to promote occupational health and safety (OSH) awareness.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

•             Demonstrates broad knowledge of OSHA guidelines for the workplace.

•             Exhibits knowledge of appropriate emergency protocols.

•             Demonstrates familiarity with job site.

•             Possesses strong leadership skills.

•             Communicates clearly and effectively.

•             Pays close attention to detail fact.

•             Exhibits strong organizational skills.

•             Possesses solid problem-solving and analytical abilities.

•             Works well with a team.

•             Possesses strong writing skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:

•             Expert level knowledge of SHEM procedure.

•             Coordinate with the team for submission of safety deliverables.

•             Trains employees in safety procedures.

•             Conduct safety inspection and convey hazard to concern department.

•             Conduct audits and inspect operational procedures.

•             Conduct safety meetings and review safety conditions and general safety policies.

•             Rectify work site conditions, which are liable to cause or have caused accidents.

•             Undertake the investigation of accidents, incidents, or near misses to determine the underlying causes. Report in detail to the Manager and complete the required report forms in a timely basis.

•             Review daily observations of safety activities.

•             Oversees use of dangerous chemicals and machinery.

•             Writes up reports detailing inspection process.

•             Stays up to date on health and safety regulations.

•             Monitor emergency drills to gauge employee readiness.

•             Consults with company manager regarding the implementation of new safety procedures.



Ability to communicate at all levels and within a multi-national work force.

To be a self-Starter and a team player.



Collage Degree / Diploma (Preferred Fire & Safety)


Computer Knowledge – MS Office (Word/XL/Power Point)

Fluent in English



Experience in Oil & Gas plant, Petrochemical Industry Fertilizer Plant or Ammonia Plant.

Must have experience of working with site Management.

At least 10 years of experience required out of 10-year 5+ years must have abroad experience (GCC countries). (Ma’aden / Aramco / Sabic experience will be preferred)

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