Posted At 2023-10-18 17:37:45

Mechanical Technicians

Brief Outline of Job Responsibilities:


v Inspect, maintain, and repair industrial equipment and machinery to ensure they’re always in proper working order. 

v Test and observe equipment and machinery using tools such as voltmeters and other testing devices to diagnose malfunctions and make repairs as needed.  

v Care for machinery and equipment by cleaning them after use, adjusting parts, and lubricating moving components as needed to ensure proper, efficient function. 

v Examine moving parts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for signs of excessive wear, defects, and damage. 

v Record all maintenance and repair services performed and keep track of all materials and parts used during the repair process. 

v Order or request orders to be placed to replenish materials and parts when inventory grows low or is depleted. 

v Study manufacturer manuals and blueprints and carefully follow directions when operating or setting up newly acquired machinery.

v Cut and weld metal pieces together as needed to fabricate new parts, assemble equipment, or repair broken parts as needed.


Job Requirements:


v Diploma: In Mechanical.

v Minimum Experience: 3 Years.

v Industry Type: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical.

v Good communication Skills in English & Arabic.

v Knowledge of PPE / Tools & Equipment’s / etc.

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