Posted At 2023-10-18 17:46:59

Electrical Technicians

Brief Outline of Job Responsibilities:

v  Receives work orders, verbal instructions from the foreman or supervisor, and dimensional sketches and drawings.

v  Assesses/plans jobs and assembles the necessary tools and materials to complete the work.

v  Dismantles and diagnoses faults in electrical equipment at industrial facilities and repairs or replaces switches, controls, elements, wiring, etc.

v  On process equipment and controls, such as motor control centers, lighting systems, power distribution systems, and motors/generators.

v  Measures electrical tolerances locates faults in cables and carries out splicing and jointing repairs.

v  Also performs repair or replacement of high voltage equipment such as replacing dry type transformers to oil filled or servicing high voltage switch gear, using high voltage test equipment.

v  Performs scheduled preventive maintenance and lubrication on electrical equipment.

v  Revises existing systems and equipment by revised drawings, work orders, or verbal instructions.

v  Ensures all regulatory and safety devices and temperature rise protection measures are correctly installed.

v  Performs other similar or related duties as assigned, such as maintaining tools and equipment in good order, observing all fire and safety regulations, keeping job sites and workshops clean and tidy, salvaging parts and materials where possible, etc.

Job Requirements:


v Diploma: In Electrical / Industrial Electronics

v  Minimum Experience: 3 Years

v  Industry Type: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

v  Good communication Skills in English & Arabic

v  Knowledge of PPE / Tools & Equipments / etc.

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