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Senior Accountant

Work Performed

a) Supervises the activities of assigned personnel. Performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by Management for the position.

b) Assists in the day-to-day checking, approval, and processing of documentation of the project accounting functions. Includes checking input, checking that payments are fully supported and properly authorized, and verifying the accuracy of payment vouchers and journal vouchers prior to input where necessary.

c) Reviews project contracts and documentation in order to understand fully terms and conditions from an accounting standpoint and ensures that proper invoices to the clients are issued on time and for all billable items.

d) Monitors and checks that purchase orders are matched by the appropriate store’s receipts, stores issue or received vouchers, and that the appropriate line of authorities are followed.

e) Approves all accounting vouchers prior to input into the General Ledger of the computer system.

f) Participates in the preparation of the monthly financial statements and forwards them to the Chief Accountant for review.

g) Participates in the preparation of the cash flow statement for each project and verifies. Develops the project cash flow forecast for the following month for each project and submit it to the Chief Accountant for review and approval.

h) Schedules payment of the payroll and ensures cheques have correct value and designations.

Minimum Requirement:

a) B. A. degree in accounting.

b) 6 years experience in accounting with some formal training in the use of spreadsheets and computer systems.

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