Posted At 2024-04-14 14:07:50

Cost Control


  1. Develop, measure, monitor, control and publish Capex/ Opex budget on monthly basis with tabular and graphical approach.
  2. Evaluate & validate Refinery Rebuildable & equipment repairs cost associated with Central Workshop on monthly basis.
  3. Coordinate with Central Projects team and update monthly Capex related budget, commitments, and actual spending in line with baseline plan.
  4. Publish monthly Operational expense graphical report with Baseline, Actual, Forecast & YTD trending curve.
  5. Identify, evaluate, and record Maintenance overrun (unplanned, breakdown, troubleshooting) cost with the support of department manager on monthly basis.
  6. Record commitments, publish actual spent, analyze forecast at completion & alarm the spending trend in a graphical method.
  7. Accountable for processing of related invoices and monitoring of paid costs.
  8. Contribute towards project goals and objectives as may be required from time to time.
  9. Develops detailed annual budget and monthly/quarterly forecasts identifying cost efficiencies and strategies.
  10. Accountable for implementing cost control initiatives for improved efficiency and accuracy 
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